Bill (skinnybill) wrote,

Limes? What Limes?

A little HST to get this party started right.

It has been some time since I updated. Given Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging, LiveJournal is not what it once was to me. If someone has something important to say, I hear about it through one of those other mediums. This has lead to me checking my friends list on here, but no actual posting as I too share all important news in other fashions.

For those of you still following my updates, life is good.

I have a job again (in property management accounting). It is head and shoulders more awesometastic than my other job could have ever hoped to have been.

Still with Kim. Still awesome. Once I have money, she will get her diamond and you will all get wedding invitations.

Thinking about getting a cat. Have to talk to my landlord and see what kind of deposit/additional costs there would be and determine if my allergies can stand it.

My MSN Messenger is telling me about a story of a guy who keeps roaches as pets.
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