Bill (skinnybill) wrote,

memeage part 1

Answers to soulofajedi's requests:

My life recently:  I am the accounting department at a small (15 person or so) company. I do accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll (although we farm most of it out to Paychex), inventory (although we don't have an inventory per se) fixed assets, the whole shebang.  I also do some HR type stuff like managing insurance, 401k stuff, that sort of thing.  The guy I replaced is still training me a couple hours a week.  I enjoy it (well most of it anyway).  I work with good people, am not micromanaged, don't feel like I'm being pushed in a million different directions, and there are advancement opportunities up the yingyang if everything my boss says as far as the company's growth prospects is correct.  The company is called EOG Environmental and they do hazardous waste disposal for factories, universities, labs, etc. as well as a variety of other related services (small clean ups, diagnostics, chem identification, etc.)  In addition to my job, I spend a lot of time with my wonderful girlfriend.  She's an excellent match for me and I'm extremely happy to be dating her.  We do the standard boyfriend/girlfriend datey-type stuff.  TV, movies, the occasional round of bowling or mini golf.  I also just acquired Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the Wii so we've been hammering each other on that.  We also like to play darts.  I also spend time with the a few of the small number of people in my circle of friends that call the greater Miltown area home.  My stuffed animal collection continues to grow.  I rather enjoy being independent although I am dreading the day that student loan payments become a reality.

The Big Lebowski.  I've thought about this and I still don't have a super good answer.  It seems, in my mind anyway, to be a rather polarizing force.  The people I know that like it, REALLY like it, and the people I know that don't, absolutely LOATHE it.  There is very little middle ground.  I personally think it's awesome because the roles are all very well-acted, the humor is fantastic, and at its core it's a movie about staying true to what you are which is to us Yuais somewhat of a first principle imo.  The Dude hated the fucking Eagles and being stranded in the middle of nowhere would not dissuade him from expressing that fact.  Although the plot is ludicrous it only adds to the comedic value. 

A couple things that would shake or have shaken my entire worldview: Having my heartbroken out of nowhere.  Losing a parent.  The fact that atrocities like 9/11 can and do occur. George Bush winning a 2nd term in office. Similarly, the idea that Fundamentalist Christian nutjobs could be running this country(Looking at you Mr. Huckabee.) 

As for bouncing for joy, disgustingly cute dogs are the way to go.  When I see someone walking one, I make woofing noises.  I <3 dogs. 
Also, in typical male fashion, my team winning a close game in dramatic fashion has elicited joyous yelps and much bounciness on more than one occasion.
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